KFC in Mandalay
 It’s summer here in Thailand; it’s great time for traveling and outdoor evangelism. Mary and Stephen have just come back from the mission trip to Myanmar. During the mission trip, it was the third time that Stephen attempted to cross into Nagaland in India. It seems that God hasn’t opened the door for Stephen in this area yet. Each time, there have been an escalation of military tension at the border of Myanmar and India. This time, the war between the local militants and the Burmese army was about to break out. Please pray for this region with all the war going on.

Wasting no time, Stephen spent time at a youth camp in Myitkyina; there were over 500 youth attending this camp. The president of the camp wanted Stephen to open up the minds of the youth to be ready for the coming trends of the world. Since the country had been closed for several decades, the people are unprepared for incoming globalization. Christians have not been prepared for the new kinds of temptations and trials. Churches are not ready the new challenging of faith. Many younger generations have been struggling with drug addictions and alcoholism even though they called themselves Christians.
Junior camp
The highlight of the Myanmar trip was in Mandalay, where Stephen and Mary had to stop for a two-night layover before flying back to Thailand. On the first day, they had an opportunity for sightseeing and to visit historic sites. Even though they had been to Mandalay several times, this was their first time to enjoy actually seeing the city. On top of this, they went to one of the city’s slums to share God’s Word and to demonstrate His love by providing their basic needs and candies particularly the kids who live there; ended their visiting with prayers for the people.
Slum in Mandalay

Mary with disadvantaged kids

Mary is giving candies

Mary is giving cooking oils,
noodles and etc

The Bible leaflets

Mary gives her testimony

Stephen is preaching His message

Ending with praying

a group picture!
 The second day, they also went to a tourist site called the Ubein Bridge, where thousands of people visit each day, in order to hand out Bible leaflets. Over 3,000 leaflets had been given to nonbelievers. Praise the Lord! Stephen and Mary ended that day with a visit to one of the orphanages in Mandalay and fed the children with a decent meal: beef, fish and various vegetables. It was a great joy to see these orphan joyfully giggling with each other while they were eating. Stephen and Mary expressed, “our hearts almost melted when they prayed for us by calling our names during prayer time.”

Feeding the orphans!
During that time, the president of Shiloh Christian College in Mandalay requested Stephen to equip their professors and their church leaders to be in rooted with the Word of God in the near future. The Shiloh Christian College is a college with various ethnic group of people; Chin, Burmese, Lisu, Hmong, Shan, and even Vietnamese. We are given many more ministries to take care of; we need more field workers. Please pray that God provides more field workers and also resources so that we can expand the Kingdom of God.

In the early weeks of April, Stephen and Nick will go into Lao in order to work with the Christian Hmong. The Hmong are a large ethnic group living mainly in China, Vietnam and Laos; a great number of Hmong have immigrated to America. The country of Lao is communistic in nature but they have a main religion of Buddhism. Lao is a country known to persecute Christians, so your prayers would be much appreciated. Stephen and Nick have been invited to go and help Christians in Laos with the wholistic ministry. This is a great opportunity for us to expand His Kingdom into Laos.

At home, Chiang Mai has had the worst pollution due to people burning the forests. At this moment, the pollution levels of Chiang Mai has been among the top most polluted cities due to these fires. Everyone is recommended to wear pollution face masks in Chiang Mai and it has affected our family and friends health. Please continue to pray for us. We ask you a special prayer for Mary. Her health is deteriorated. She is facing several health problems. No matter what situations we are facing, we know that our God is good and He is in control!
KFC with a Burmese flavor!