No Turkey, But Pork!

We are always happy when Thanksgiving approaches because this festive occasion gives us the opportunity to appreciate and express our gratitude publicly, first to our Living God and Lord for his faithfulness in providing every aspect of the family and ministry needs.  We also want to express our gratitude to you for your continual prayers and supports.

Here in Thailand, we don’t have a national day of “Thanksgiving,” however for Christians here, it is church oriented, rather than family oriented.  Every church would hold Thanksgiving on their own chosen date.  Mostly, the date will be set on Saturday so that they will be able to invite neighboring churches around to attend it.  Of course, no turkey, no sweet potatoes, no pie on the Thanksgiving table.  Wow! We are missing them, particularly Stephen’s favorite, Apple pie with ice-cream on top.  Thanksgiving, celebrated by the many churches here, focuses on God as the source of all blessings.  Church members would bring fresh crops from their farms: mainly rice, corn, peanuts, pumpkins; and all kinds of seasonal fruits along with the livestock such as pigs and chicken.

Almost every Saturday, Nick drives Stephen to churches at various villages in order to preach for “Thanksgiving.” Like traveling preachers, we have been invited to preach to many different churches.  Since we are preaching only the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making ourselves available to any churches or denominations, we have been invited to preach at various churches.  It seems that our preaching schedule is filled up all the way to Christmas.  Often, the message is likely the same but with different illustrations.  At almost every church, Stephen has demonstrated a small plastic bag filled pieces of dollar bills on his office desk. None of us know whether it was a real or not, but it has a great meaning to us. It always reminds us that money is nothing, life is empty because we were born with nothing and we would not be able to take anything with us once our time is up on earth.

The most recent unique Thanksgiving celebration was held at Ban Lisu Hui Chakan.  This Lisu village is on the royal project.  They have been moved out of the national forest and into a  new place to settle down with 5-10 acres of field for each family, which the Thai government has graciously offered to them. This is a common size of land for ordinary farmers in Thailand.  Out of 75 in this village, 65 households are believers. The Thanksgiving at this village was filled with various ethnic groups of neighboring tribes: Lahu and Akha, soldiers, and the government workers.  At this unique service, Stephen preached in the “Lanna” dialect of Thai language so that all ethnic groups could understand without translating between languages.  The “Lanna” dialect is the common language of the Northern province of Chiangmai.  Stephen has not spoken this dialect in more than 30 years, but praise God, it was still working!  

 A typical layout of new crops for Thanksgiving

 Young Lisu girls dancing to the music

 A group of Akha singing a choir

 Stephen preaching for Thanksgiving 

No Turkey but pork!

An International leadership Conference:

During these weeks, Stephen and Nick had meetings with various mission organizations in order to hold the first Lisu International Christian Leaders Conference on February 2016.  Our mission organization is initiating this conference and will be playing the key role to organizing this conference.  We will invite Lisu Christian leaders mainly from China, Myanmar, and Thailand to attend this conference.  The conference will focus on three main areas: the family life of Christian leaders, Biblical Leadership and the Lisu culture.

In the area of culture, problems arise and causes much conflict between leaders and members, between believers and nonbelievers, because of the lack of understanding of the traditional Lisu culture.  Many of the Lisu churches in Thailand have lost their members to the world because of the different opinions on the cultural issue.  Many Christian leaders in Myanmar have revitalized the traditional cultures without knowing that they may lead their members astray from worshipping God alone by unknowingly going back to the former type of worship.  The traditional cultures have created conflicts between believers and nonbelievers in China for several decades.  Among church leaders, there are mainly two groups. The first group is standing against any type of the Lisu culture while the second group is promoting the culture.  The problem is that both groups have a limited amount of knowledge on the background of the Lisu culture.  They don’t know how to handle the cultural issue properly. With cultural ignorance, both groups are struggling in leading their members and are in danger of church division and even leading the people back into old practices.  As you have known that we offered several cultural conferences for nonbelieving leaders among the Lisu.  After hearing many requests, we will offer the International Christian Leaders Conference to all Lisu Christian leaders.  Since this will be the first conference of its kind, we would like to ask you to pray for this conference so that God’s Will be done and His Kingdom will be expanded throughout Southeast Asia and China.  If God is leading you, you are warmly welcome to give a special gift for the needs at this conference.

Update on the Family:

Mary’s rice field is still not ripe yet. She has tried to grow purple jasmine rice or “rice-berry.”  The rice-berry is a hybrid between jasmine and a type of purple rice.  The hybrid has been successful in the past two-three years.  Of course, the price is double the jasmine rice.  None of the surrounding areas have this type of rice. We are beyond blessed to know where to get the seeds.  Probably on this upcoming weekend, it will be ready for harvest.

Every one of the Wongs is doing great.  Becky, John, and Isaac have minor health problems with the temperature dropping.  John is preparing for his ACT test on this coming December 12.  He has also, recently, went to Sadie’s dance and had a great time. Isaac is excited for his coming birthday on December 11th.

Stephen’s commentary on the book of Revelation is at the stage of spell checking.  Making it readable to every Lisu Christian by inviting several Lisu from different dialect groups to go through the commentary.  Hopefully, by the end of January 2016, all the process will be completed.

Thank you very much for your faithfulness in lifting up our family in your prayers and financially supporting our family and ministry in Southeast Asia and Christ.  May our Living God and Lord bless you all.

In His Services,
Stephen and Mary

Mission works in China

One of the Lisu ladies in China shared a note on Wechat (app) as following:

“I really want to read this book, but I don’t understand it. 
No teacher has ever taught me how to read it properly.
No friend has ever shared me how to read it correctly. 
I am very frustrated. My Lord help me, please! 
How can I be able to understand this Bible?”

Out of 38,000 Lisu people in Huaping, Yunan province of China, this lady is the first and only one who has been searching for the truth about God’s Word.  Through Wechat, Stephen received her exotic note, so Stephen called her and told her that he is a Christian missionary.  She invited him to  visit her hometown during his trip to China.  Stephen also called the vice president of Yunnan Christian convention, which is approved by the Chinese government, to join him on the trip so that Stephen would not break the Chinese law. With the three-self-movement, unless the local authority gives the permission, the outsiders are prohibited sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the Lisu cultural conference at Weixei, Stephen led his group to Huaping in order to meet her in person and spent time with her in prayers.  Now she has been partnered with Petru, the vice president of Yunnan Christian convention, so that she will be able to study God’s Word via the electronic devices.  Please keep this lady in your prayers till she accepts Jesus Christ as her own personal Lord and God.

Left to right: Petru, the lady who seeking the truth, 
and Stephen 

Out of 8,000 Lisu people, 
she is the only Christian in Dechang

Why The Lisu Cultural Conference?

Stephen’s ministry in China began with an irony.  While Christian leaders in China attempted to put him in prison, non-believer among the Lisu people protected and hid him out of those persecutors’ hands.  Out of the persecution, God has led Stephen to make friends with many Lisu leaders who are working with the government.  Indeed, God is in charge!  He has appointed Stephen’s friend to become the president of the Yunnan Christian Convention.  The Lisu Cultural Conference has been organized by the Lisu leaders who work for and was supported by the Chinese government.  To attend the cultural conference, it provided an opportunity not only to dialogue but also to demonstrate Christian’s faith and life to the non-believing leaders throughout Yunnan and some part of Sichuan province.  At several occasions, Stephen has been invited to be one of the key speakers at the conferences since 2009.  During these years, God has changed those leaders from extremely anti-Christianity to a desire to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many of those leaders state that they will accept Christ after their retirement (By law, they are not allowed to accept Christ).  Some of them allow their wives and children to accept Jesus Christ.  Other leaders always ask Stephen or his Christians friends to pray for them at the table fellowship before each meal.  Praise the Lord! 

However, there are some leaders who express their hatred, their willingness to persecute any Christian.  One leader from Yongshi spoke out that any Christian who crosses into his area will be persecuted.  On the other hand, he asked Stephen to visit his area.  This is a great challenging calling!

 Stephen is giving a speech at the conference

 A group picture of the people attending at the conference

 A group picture with Lisu in Huaping

A group picture with Lisu in Sichuan

Almost everywhere we went, almost every non-believing Lisu we met, requesting our group to teach them how to read in Lisu.  We appointed one preacher in particular among our group to take his every opportunity to teach them how to read in Lisu while the rest making fellowship with other leaders.  Even at the public school, they asked the group to teach children about the Lisu language.  It is one of the most effective ministries in reaching out to the non-believers at this moment.

 A group picture with Lisu students 

 Stephen is teaching the Lisu language to students at Dechang 

During this trip, the president of Christians in Yunnan province asked Stephen to give a copy of his commentary so that they will be albe to read through and perhaps to give the approval to print them out in China.  May God’s Will be done!

 A group picture with the president of Yunnan Christian Convention

 View of Kunming

The Wongs in Update

Thanks to Mary who has been fully in charge of the family for the past couple of weeks; driving Isaac to school and managing everyone’s need so that Stephen will be able to work in full-time for His Kingdom.  Her purple jasmine rice (new kind of rice) is ready to be harvested soon.

Due to her physical disability,  Becky was continuing to teach English to the dislocated Shan kids at our site. She is also helping Isaac with homework and spending time in reading books with him.  In the past weeks, she had been preparing for her graduation which will take place on November.  This will be a real blessing in her life.

Nick recently took a Thai course in Gemology in Bangkok. The new skill would be used in order to raise money for an orphanage project and youth ministry for the Lisu people in Myanmar.  Though he had never taken a course in Thai and neither can he write in Thai, he scored exceptionally on the test. While staying in Bangkok, he was able to meet many people and attend a church that is dedicated to reaching out to Thai university students.  He has met with recent converts and spent some time with them, and that was very refreshing to see new born Christians. He has a friend in Thailand that has now decided to become a Christian and is getting baptized in the near future. God is good!  God has been awesome in his life.

Over the past couple of months, John has been pretty busy filling out college applications, preparing for the ACT, and doing constant homework assigned from his classes.  Even though it was a lot of work, John enjoys learning and gaining new knowledge every day which helps him pursue his education even further.  Please take the time in praying for his college applications and his ACT test in December.  Pray also for his daily travels back and forth to and from school.

Our gratitude goes to all of you who faithfully take partnering with us in carrying out the Great Commission to the lost souls in Southeast Asia and China through your prayerful and financial supports.  May our living God and Lord continue to bless you.

In Him,
Stephen and Mary

How much is a man worth?

Dear Christian Friends,

Few years ago there was news that shocked the world about a teenager selling his kidneys for an iPhone and iPad 2.  Then a question was raised on how much one person is worth.  What do you think? How much is a man worth in your eyes?

Jesus said in Matthews 16:26 “For what will a man be profited, if he gains the whole world, and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” (NASB).   Since we believe that in God’s eyes, nothing in this universe can compare to a human soul.  The man is worth more than the universe. The reason God sent His only begotten son to die on the cross in order to save the world was because we are priceless in His eyes.

Updating for the Mission works in Myanmar

This past May, in our monthly newsletter, we talked about how we fought against various lethal diseases such as Malaria and Tuberculosis in the conflicted areas where many people have become displaced; many children have lost their parents in their early age, and many women have lost their loved ones.  It was heartbreaking to see many women and children going through this unending conflict without hope.  So as to paint a picture for this in detail, here is a story of a seven-year-old-girl name, Nue Sar.  Her father’s name is Nue Ah Phu and her mother’s name is  Daw Kar War.  The family was from a farming background and was derived from a poor lineage.  Unfortunately, their beautiful family had been destroyed by the arm forces at night, while they were sleeping.  At that unexpected time, a group of insurgents came into their home and abducted her father and mother. Nue Sar was three years old when her parents were abducted.  Even today, nobody knows whether her parents are still alive or not.  After her parent’s abduction, she lived with her grandmother.  They lived in a village where there were no TB treatment centers; not even public transportation to and from the village.  Two years ago, her grandmother became seriously sick. The villagers sent her grandmother to a hospital and she passed away three days later with TB. Nobody knew that Nue Sar’ grandmother had been suffered TB.  Nue Sar contracted TB from her grandmother.  After her grandmother’s death, a family from the village allowed Nue Sar to stay with them.  Because of their poverty, though they knew that Nue Sar had been infected with TB, they couldn’t help her much except by giving her daily meals. The situation of Nue Sar was getting worse day after day.  She had no hope to live on this world.  She was waiting to die like her grandmother.  One day, Sarmuekhi (one of our teammates) met Nur Sar.  Sarmuekhi took this poor little girl to the hospital and the girl was able to obtain TB medication.  This is the life testimony for our mission works in Myanmar.  Because of the help from IDES, with 75 dollars we did literary save Nue Sar’s life.  Wouldn’t you agree that she was worth the saving?

Nue Sar

Updating for the Mission works in China

According to our recent newsletter, it mentions Stephen’s invitation to give a speech at the conference this upcoming October 16-19, 2015 at Weixi; and the conference will publish his article entitled “The Uniqueness of Lisu People and Culture.”  However, as a missionary carrying out the Great Commission to the lost people, he must prioritize other activities.  Therefore, after the conference his group will travel to several places to teach the Lisu language to the Lisu people, most of them are non-believers, in China.

Why teach the Lisu language?   Briefly stated--- to know how to read in the Lisu language immediately leads to reading the Bible.  In fact, there aren’t any literature among the Lisu people.  The Bible is the main source for practicing the Lisu language.  Since we believe that the Bible is God’s Living Word, whoever reads the Bible will somehow or somewhere receive the eternal change from God.  As the popular saying goes “the method changes, but the message is always the same”.

So far, there are so many challenges, particularly, the team’s expenses; for instance, domestic traveling, lodging, and food during the two-week period of the teaching of the Lisu language.  The Chinese Government will pay in full for the team’s expenses, but only during the conference.   If God is willing, the team will teach the Lisu language in several places throughout Yunnan province and may cross over to Sichuan province.  Isn’t it worth to let people hear the Gospel of Jesus’ redemption?

Update from the Wongs

Stephen is spending hours upon hours from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM (with meal breaks in between) scrutinizing the final draft of his commentary on Revelation entitled “Worship God Alone” in the Lisu language prior to publishing it this upcoming November.  Mary is busy with the rice paddy field.  Isaac is on his fall break.  Nick is still in Bangkok for his special training.  His training will be done in early November.  Becky was constantly helping Isaac with his daily homework.  Now, both of them are enjoying the break by reading novelties.  John is busy with his senior year at Grace International School.  He is searching and processing the application for many Christian colleges and universities.  Much appreciation goes to you for lifting him up to God’s hands.  Overall, every one of the Wongs is well.

Left to right: Mary, Isaac, John, Becky and Nick

We always give praise to our Living God and Lord for becoming one of His channel of blessings to other’s lives.  Please keep us in your daily prayers so that God’s Will be done and His Kingdom be expanded.  We have always appreciated your partnership for the mission works in Southeast Asia and China.

In Christ’s Love,

Stephen and Mary


Dear Christian Friends,

Thank you to all of you who continually support our ministry here in Southeast Asia and China which is based in Chiangmai, Thailand.  Whether you are a regular or a one time money giver, or time in prayer, you have always been the encouragement that we need.  Your endurance in partnering is a very essential part to our ministry in expanding His Kingdom and carrying our the Great Commission to the lost people through our evangelism, equipping and empowering native leaders throughout Southeast Asia and China.

During the past two weeks, we (Stephen and students) had a wonderful class pilgrimaging through the book of Hebrews.  We explored in depth the five warning passages in the book of Hebrews by taking the Exodus generation as the example and contextualizing them into the Lisu church context.  Yet, there are many differences between the context of the first readers, the Hebrew community and Lisu churches, however; similarly can be applied between the Exodus generation and the Lisu churches nowadays.  Like the Exodus generation, the Lisu people came out of the slavery, not from Egypt, but the realm of evil spirits and, of course, death and sin. The first generation believers of Lisu people firmly experienced God’s power in deliverance, fortunately I (Stephen) am one of them.  This type of spiritual experience has been waned among later generations.  Many of later  generations are losing their focus, rather than fixing their eyes on the heavenly Jerusalem, the unshakable Kingdom, they are seeking things of this world.  Rather than following the footsteps of Jesus or the heroes of faith into God’s promise land, they are like Esau who exchanged the eternal life for a single meal.  Please keep these students in your prayers so that they would transform their churches, their city, their country with the Word of God.
Equipping the Christian-servant leaders is a very challenging ministry.  It is challenging not only because of our emphasis on the Word of God, the Scripture, but also because of taking Jesus’s path on the Cross as the model in every aspect of daily lives.  Particularly, the second group of our students from Myanmar are very unique.  They come not only from different ethnic groups of Lisu people, but also various theological backgrounds.  Except Moses, each of them graduated from Bible college in Myanmar which emphasizes on mission or theology.  Whether graduating from theological college or from a mission college, they all share one similar thing, that is, no solid biblical knowledge.  Their biblical foundation is critical.  They learned the method of evangelism or the theological topics, without learning the Scripture in depth.  This was the major reason that most of our faculty felt very frustrated.  I (Stephen) personally felt very discouraged at their first year since we emphasize on the Scripture, studying the scripture passage after passage, book after book and applying them accordingly.  We are searching what each passage in each Bible book meant and what it means for us today. 

After spending three years, they are now so different.  After patiently teaching them book after book, for instance, Philippians, the First and Second Corinthians, the Gospel of John, Romans, etc, their lives have been transformed by the Word of God.   Equipping them out of the emptiness of biblical knowledge to the point that many churches in their hometowns expecting to hear God’s Word from them does really bring us joy.  It is our joy in seeing the spiritual fruits that they will bear for His Kingdom.  This is the reason that we keep thanking God and you all for your financial and prayerful supports.  This is the major role that you are being part with.  Without you, we would have never accomplished such things!

Our appreciation goes to Mary who not only took care of all the daily needs, but also took students out for evangelism and church visiting at the weekend so that the students would be able to practice their preaching and teaching in the real church contexts.  Our gratitude also goes to Becky and John who tirelessly took turn every night in teaching and improving students’ English skills, while Nick took his time off for three month and has gone down to Bangkok for a special bi-vocational-training.  Nick has done his best to do a tent making ministry.  Our appreciation goes to Isaiah Yintum who graduated from Cincinnati Bible Seminary teaching two consecutive weeks on preaching and biblical theology.  Though struggling with the health issue, his sacrifice for 6 hours a day in equipping these students is beyond words of expression.   

 Mary and students are singing a special choir

 church at village is packed inside; 
church attendants have to sit outside 
the church building

 Moses is preaching 

 Students at the Chiangmai International Airport, 
returning to their ministries

At the moment, the Wongratanamajcha family is going back to the normal daily routine.  John is starting his senior year at Grace International School.  He is studying intensively for his ACT test.  Isaac is in his third grade.  Mary is not only busying the environmental improvement of the site, but also turning the place for an alternative medication.  A group of alternative doctors from Korea came to our place and gave our neighbors an alternative medical treatment, acupuncture in particular.  Stephen is preparing himself for holding another leadership conference in Myanmar, if God is willing, this upcoming November or December.  He is also going through his lectural notes for the first group of students from Myanmar so that they will be able to enroll their graduation ceremony during the conference.  Again, he has been invited to be a guest speaker in Yunnan, China, on Lisu culture in this upcoming October 2015.  His article entitled “The Uniqueness of Lisu People and Culture” written in Lisu and translated in Chinese will be published at the conference.  He is wavering to take the invitation, unless he will be allowed to teach non-believing villagers in Yunnan and Sichuan on how to read the Lisu language.  Because this is the only way, he believes, for the non-believers will be able to read the Lisu Bible.  He is negotiating with the board of the conference.  Much appreciated to keep this deal in your prayers.  Moreover, Stephen’s anthropological book entitled “Dancing with the Song of Life,” has seven volumes.  The first volume is at the process of translation into Chinese and hopefully will be published in China soon.  This book is about Lisu life, culture and language.  It is composed mainly with the Lisu traditional poetry genre with a brief explanation in narrative genre.  His commentary on the book of Revelation is at the final stage of proofreading before publishing in Myanmar this upcoming November 2015.  God’s blessings go particular to Saxonburg Christian Church for a designated fund to publish the commentary on the book of Revelation.     

 An alternative medication from Korea

Again, we want to thank you for your consistant partnership.  Much appreciated for your continuity on what you have done—especially in prayers.  Please pray for our AIS students/pastors who are going back to their own churches and country, Myanmar, with God’s Word.  Pray that God’s Word will be able take root among them so that the Kingdom of Christ can grow not only among themselves, but to their neighboring ethnic group of people who still remain in the midst of spiritual darkness.

For the Sake of His Kingdom,

Stephen and Mary

Is God Moving among Us?

July 30, 2015
Dear Christian Friends,

It is beyond our imagination how God is moving in each of our individual lives.  Moses prayed to God for two consecutive years for a place to study God’s Word before God answered his prayers.  Priscila persistently sent her applications to us for three years before we have accepted her. Now Moses and Priscilla are on their third year.  They said at their first year, they were inner fighting and were waving between the two poles: the traditions and the Scripture.  At their second year, they afraid to teach other what they learned from their exegetical works in their classes.  This year through their eagerly studying God’s Word, they have overcome most of their doubts.  They must place God’s Word above human’s opinions or decrees. Isn’t this how God moves among us?  Certainly, without your participations in praying and giving, could these two students have any chance to study God’s Word?  Could God’s Word transform their lives?  Thank you very much for allowing yourselves to be channels of God’s blessings to this ministry.

 (from left to right) Solomon, Moses, Priscilla, Amos 
and Sergius in the back row

Equipping Christian leaders emphasizes on God’s Word, the Scripture, is very challenging since almost everyone of our students went through colleges and being found with various types of theologies.  Besides, exegesis demands much more time and effort to understand what each author of the Bible meant and then apply it accordingly as what it means for our world today.  Asia International Seminary, therefore, is not institutionally oriented, but a biblical-rooted training compound for Christian leaders.  Therefore, our concern is more on quality than quantity.  Actually, it is the real joy and blessings to see these students growing in their biblical knowledge.  Many churches in central and northern Myanmar are excited to hearing God’s Word from these pastor/students.  Many churches have already scheduled them to preach and teach at their congregations after returning to their home country, Myanmar.

Our appreciation goes to the Voorhees family who allowed their beloved one, Dr. Derek Voorhees from Boise Bible College to teach the book of Roman in the past weeks.  He did an excellent job in teaching 6 hours every day for 12 days.

Dr. Voorhees is teaching on Romans

Here is a brief note from Derek:

Romans is a book that helps our theological compass find true north in God's grace, which is found by faith in Christ and life in His Spirit. And I had such a privilege in Thailand the last two weeks to walk through the letter with young Lisu pastors from Myanmar and Thailand. All the vital theological nuggets were chewed on...terms like justification, redemption, reconciliation, propitiation, sanctification, edification, and glorification. The students defined these and grappled with them well, but they also courageously waded into the depths of implications for the churches they lead. What I perceived challenged the students was how to take home Paul's instructions for a dis-unified and fractured church in Myanmar. Even amongst the Lisu tribe in Myanmar, disunity exists. Lisu Villages of different dialects viewing themselves more "right" or "spiritual" than another village? I assured the students, sadly, that their tribe or their nation wasn't the only nation with a splintered church.

Think of your own united would you say evangelical believers of Jesus and the Bible are across the area? Do they even speak to each other? Unity amongst all believers is a difficult task to achieve, but we must heed the divisive tactic of Satan. For if the enemy prevails in dividing a believer in Christ from another believer in Christ, then the gospel message of hope and salvation now and in the future will be derailed and ineffective. So, these students/pastors from Myanmar vowed to work at restoring brothers and sisters with seemingly irreconcilable differences and opinions for the sake of the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth.

This is the second consecutive year I've flown 11 different time zones to teach these dear leaders. By eating and praying with them, and laughing and playing soccer together, I've grown to love and care even more for them. Their assignment of returning home to instruct others with what they have been impressed upon by the Spirit is no small task. But with the presence of Christ and encouragement through mentors like Stephen, Mary, and their son Nick, they will do well. But Moses, Priscilla, Sergius, Amos and Solomon need our prayerful support...and even our financial support. Thank you for your regularly sustenance for their training through the Wong's who feed and even clothe these students (not to mention the many non-physical provisions they provide).

As before, I leave Thailand a better man, having both laughed and eaten in large quantity! I have gained weight in a variety of types delight! It was anther genuine honor to study with these young leaders/pastors and to be used to instruct and encourage them for their ministry assignments back home. They live a life much harder than I do. So as I depart these students and the wonderful Wongratanamajcha family and sultry Chiangmai in July for my air conditioned life in Idaho, I leave with humble appreciation for their maturing faith and devotion to Lord Jesus...the One who left comfort to shepherd us now into eternity!

Over all, thanks to Becky, Nick and John for taking turns in the evening to improve the student’s English skill.  Much blessings goes to Mary who oversees all the needs not only for the family but also the students.  In the midst of taking Isaac to and fro school, while Stephen is teaching, she did a wonderful job in organizing a family thanksgiving service by inviting over a hundred people from several different churches and cooked a great meal for everyone of them.

For the sake of His Kingdom,
Stephen and Mary

     Becky is teaching English

 John is teaching an English pronunciation

 Isaiah is teaching on How to Preach the New Testament

 Student preparing for rice seeding

 Night devotion

 A welcoming speech for guests at family thanksgiving service

 Special choir in Lahu

 Special choir in Lisu

 Dr. Voorhees is preaching

 Mary is preparing food for guests

 Mary is giving a speech of thank  

  a fellowship meal
 Turning a class room to an alternative medical center

 Stephen is receiving a special treatment

 Neighborhood kids are being fed and entertained

 Fun time for dislocated kids

 Isaac with his classmate in the science lab

a group photos


Greetings from the Wongratanamajcha family!

This month has been a great joy and blessing for the Wongratanamajcha family.  We had a great family time together at a nearby lake.  Even though it was brief, it was very wonderful.  Indeed, this is the first time in the past several years because in the past it was a challenge to find a time when everyone in the family was free. 

Family vacation

Almost every morning and evening, Stephen and Mary drove Isaac back and forth to school and help him with his homework.  Stephen is now shifting his evangelistic emphasis to biblical equipping emphasis.  All his traveling schedule is being paused due to the monsoon season.  He has spent hours upon hours each day to study the Scripture to prepare himself to teach the Christian leaders from Myanmar.  Actually, they arrived this past Thursday and are currently studying His Word, the Scripture and will be with us for two intensive months (July-August).  Stephen is teaching John’s Gospel.  Stephen has consistently studied John’s Gospel since 1998; however, this is the first time for him to teach this class.  Besides the Gospel of John, AIS will offer them other intensive courses, for instance, Exegesis on the book of Romans by Dr. Derek Voorhees from Boise Bible College, Preaching from the New Testament by Isaiah Yintum, Exegesis on the book of Hebrews and the book of James by Stephen.    

 a group picture with Christian workers from Myanmar

 Stephen is teaching on John's Gospel

Also, Stephen has been preparing to publish his commentary on the book of Revelation in the Lisu language.  He has studied the book of Revelation since 1997.  Indeed, he did his dissertation on this book.  Please pray for this to work out in the Lord’s favor as many people will be able to read and study upon, so their lives will be impacted by God’s Word.  Indeed, many of his commentaries stand in line to be published, if it is in God’s will.  Stephen also took some time during the weekends to visit local village churches to equip Nick and John in preaching and joining in fellowship with the local Christians.  Usually, he confesses that equipping his own children is harder than teaching others since they are growing up with the Third Cultural context.  However, it is a demanding task.  By the way, Nick, Becky and John are taking turns each evening teaching English to our students from Myanmar.

John is preaching God's Word 
at Nong Kiao church with two translators 

Here is a brief note from Nick: This month has been a relaxing month. Our family was able to spend time together. That was great! God has blessed me with many opportunities. I have just finished my teaching with the Korean Christian School and started teaching a writing class to the Myanmar students. Opportunities to serve the Lord is just increasing. With several church visits to different villages in Chiang Dao, I am learning that serving God is not just preaching, but fellowship. I have had opportunities through Thai friends I have met, because some of them have asked me about Christianity and I was honored to give one of my Thai friend, Thi, a bible this past month. Thi is currently out of the province, but whenever he returns to Chiang Mai, we will continue our bible study. I have also been asked to be a cohost on the radio for one of the FM stations in Thailand and with God’s help, I pray that people will come to know Him through this. Please be praying for our family, the ministry and mission field in Southeast Asia and China.  

 Nick is teaching English 

Mary is busy running back and forth in order to meet not only the needs of the family, but also the needs of the students.  As usual, they came here with limited resources.  Therefore, Mary has to get them not only clothes, but also personal necessities, for instance: soap, shampoo, toothbrush along with toothpastes,books, papers,etc.  Bless her heart and soul for all the works she has done for God’s Kingdom. 

Becky has finally graduated her university with an honorary degree.  She is now planning to find a job.  John will be entering his senior year in Grace International School.  Two weeks ago, John made a quick trip to the village with his dad in order to register for his military services.  As John has dual citizenship; American and Thai.  He has to register in order to be drafted at age of 20.  Although John was very stressed over becoming a Thai soldier, it will be highly unlikely that he will be exempted because of his nearsightedness.  Praise the Lord!

Introducing Ministry for Laos

Some of you may have known our long time co-worker, Yasa.  He has started to offer intensive courses for Christian leaders among the Lahu people from Laos.  There are approximately 30,000-40,000 Lahu people in Laos, but only 200-330 Lahu Christians.  Due to the persecution studying God’s Word in Laos is almost impossible.  However, because of their hunger for God’s Word, these Christians come to Thailand to study God’s Word and train to be His servants for month-long intensive courses.  Much work is still needing to be done in Laos.  Your prayers are much appreciated.

Yasa is teaching Bible to Lahu Christians from Laos

Our gratitude goes to those who have participated for Bible distribution.  Several hundreds of Bible in various languages have been distributed in the past years and several thousands of audio Bibles of which are downloaded into phone cards in various languages have been given throughout China and Myanmar.

God bless,
Stephen and Mary 

Prayer Requests:

1.      Please join us in prayers for the two most disturbing issues: first, pray for democracy in Thailand.  We are entirely disturbed by this undemocratic circumstance.  It seems that Thailand is governed by fear and repression.  People can no longer speak from their hearts and minds.  The economy seems shakily unstable.  Second, pray for all faithful Christians in America in facing a legal right of the same-sex marriage across the United States.  Since the world is changing swiftly; however, there is nothing new under this sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).   Morality declines. Political turmoil and killing, murders and genocides increase.  All the issues indeed call us to obey even more in carrying out the Great Commission.
2.      Our family, students from Myanmar, and ministry for Laos.