Carrying out the Great Commission!

Nick teaching English
Earlier this month, Nick led a group of servant-hearted people to visit the churches and the refugees in Myitkyina, Northern Myanmar. The group was of different backgrounds which included a retired Christian man from New Zealand, a Christian Thai woman who works as a Japanese interpreter, and a retired Japanese businessman; they all live in Chiang Mai. The Japanese businessman is not a Christian, but through a friendship with Nick, he wanted to go to potentially help the Lisu young adults find jobs legally in Japan. In Myanmar, job opportunities are extremely scarce and therefore many people are left jobless; on top of this, the number of jobless people becoming drug addicts are on the rise.

Here is the report from Nick:  The first day we arrived in Myanmar, we had to stay a night in Mandalay before our flight to Myitkyina the next day. During the night, we all walked around the dusty trash-filled streets of Mandalay. We could see several homeless and drug addicts laying on the side of the road, many intoxicated teenagers speeding around on their scooters, and signs of a developing city halted by the limits of the imagination of the locals to actually accept the change. It seems like the outside world constantly shoves new technology and advances into the metaphorical mouth of Myanmar and the local people don’t even understand or realize what these new things are… they are living in between 2 worlds, the 1950s and 2018. It’s a clash of cultures! On the street, you would see a modern SUV speed by, and on this same street you would see old raggedy carts being pulled by oxen. Even the way they wear their clothes is proof of this: men would wear their traditional skirts called Longyi (pronounced Long Gee) while at the same time wearing a button up shirt, black leather motorcycle jacket, and top it off with some minimalistic thong sandals. Something about this just rings a jumbled identity bell. After we finished our Mandalay night walk and night discussions, we prayed and went off to our separate rooms.

The following day, we met up with several Lisu people in Mandalay who had a business in the city. We got to pray with them and then we left for the airport. After about 3 hours of waiting (delay is extremely common) at a nearly empty airport, we took off for Myitkyina. When we landed in Myitkyina, several Lisu Christian leaders came to pick us up for dinner and then take us to the hotel.

The English class

Visiting Nicodi refugee village

The kids at Malica

Kids at a refugee village
The week went by, our group taught worship songs and also English. The whole week went in this similar fashion. We visited several Christian leaders and spent time with them. There was a Sunday when we went to a remote Lisu village of Malika and joined the small 15 person church. For many of the members here, this was the first time that they had ever seen a “white person.” This was a great day where we worshipped, gave testimonies, and I had the opportunity to preach at the church. It was a joy! We also had the opportunity to visit the refugee village of Nicodi on the outskirts of Myitkyina. The Myanmar government was a bit touchy with foreigners leaving the city of Myitkyina to go to Wain Maw, across the long bridge over the big Irrawaddy River, which is where Nicodi refugee village resides. In order for us to go across the security checks, into a higher risk area, a Christian leader who also worked for Myanmar Red Cross had to escort us across, this was definitely needed because we had a “white person” with us so we really couldn’t blend in. Praise God, we were able to go through and visit this refugee village. This refugee village was set up by churches in the area and several of my father’s students who attended Asia International Seminary in the past; this village houses over 300 displaced Lisu from war and also some were displaced from the big flood a couple years ago.

After several trips to this village, I can honestly say that this refugee village is a success story all together. The villagers grow crops for self-consumption and now are beginning to have more to sell which means that they are beginning to have an income. They are also in the process of building a new church building that is being funded from the money that they work hard to make. This village is definitely a success story. The next time I go there, I feel like they need to be educated on hygiene and health because several of the children are running around playing in trash piles and have visible bleeding cuts. There are several other refugee villages in Northern Myanmar, and most of these villages are struggling with drug abuse and are taking time to grow to be self-sustaining. All in all, praise God that this particular village is doing extremely well.

Nick and Sarmuekhi (next to Nick) meeting with
a member of lower-house parliament (left),
The trip was a true blessing for fellowshipping with many Lisu in Myanmar and spending time with the children at the refugee village as well as bringing them candy from Thailand. The whole group saw how blessed we are compared to the Lisu living in Myanmar and this has encouraged us to pray and help them more. God is working in Myanmar and also in the lives of each of us that went. Please continue to pray for our ministry as we continue to serve the Lord in various parts of Southeast Asia and China.

Thanksgiving at a Lahu village

Thanksgiving season among Christians in Thailand, Myanmar and even China takes place within two months, October-November. So, our family was busy attending thanksgivings at several churches in different provinces of Thailand. Stephen preached at several thanksgiving church-gatherings. On the Thanksgiving Day at a Lahu village, Stephen and his team had to go from house to house, starting early in the morning, to pray and give a blessing for the family and ended with eating their first crop meal at that house. After a few houses we all were full (by the way, Stephen already told his friends to have a few bites at each house), but the prayer chain from house to house kept continuing until noon and the finale was a church service, which many churches gathered together at this service. After the church service, the whole village cooked their first crop again. The attendants must give a blessing to the whole congregation by eating the meal.
a road in the lahu village

farms at the Lahu village

A typical Lahu house

a Thanksgivings meal

The Thanksgiving-gathering-meal

Stephen preaching at the Thanksgivings-church-service

Stephen preaching
at church in Chiangmai

a small group Bible study on Matthew

During this busy thanksgiving season, Stephen made a quick trip to China to help write a proposal to encode the Lisu ancient characters. He was a government guest and his whole trip was paid for by the Chinese government. Praise the Lord! Mission’s work for Stephen in Southeast Asia and China must be based on relationship. At the moment, many things have been changing in China, both positively and negatively. To make it short, churches have been limited in several ways. However, Stephen is hoping that his ministries in China would not face negative impacts through this warm relationship that he has built with his Chinese friends who are working in the government office.
Stephen and his co-author in Kunming,
Mary’s rice is ready to be harvested. Because of the heavy rain in the past several months, the field is still covered in mud. No one can walk into the field. Hopefully, we will be able to celebrate the harvest soon. Becky is tutoring English for her teenage cousin (a sister in our culture). This cousin is preparing herself to go to the USA for further studies since she has relatives living there. Isaac enjoyed his first ever boy-scout outdoor camp. This event shaped his personality and mentality; he is growing up so fast. 
Isaac heading to a Boyscout camp

Isaac and his friends
This year, John is taking some of his classmates from Boise Bible College (4-6 students) and is working on raising funds for their summer mission trip to Southeast Asia, Myanmar and Thailand in particular. This will be a great time to be able to catch up with him, meet his close friends, and let them experience what mission’s work looks like in Thailand. If you would like to support them on this trip, please contact John directly via Facebook or at Even a quick prayer will go a long way!

For the Sake of His Kingdom,
Stephen and Mary

God is in Control!

The family is doing well. Mary’s rice farm for personal consumption and for feeding Christian workers in the area is almost ready for harvest. In the next few weeks, the new crops will be out. Praise God! Becky spent this month going over some English lesson planning and she taught a class to several kids at Huay Ko village in Chiang Dao. Mary and Becky went up to the village together to visit the Lisu people there and to encourage them. On the way back, Mary didn’t realize that the car’s tire had been badly punctured by a nail; praise God that Mary and Becky made it home safely. Isaac has been enjoying his break from school but he also misses his friends. This month, Nick has been going to several meetings in order to take a group on a trip to Myanmar at the beginning of November. He has also been doing counseling through using the bible to a non-Christian friend who has been struggling; praise God, this person is interested in Christ.

Becky teaching English at Huay Ko
Stephen has returned safely from the mission field in Myanmar. Before he went to the mission field, he had planned with his former student Solomon to evangelize at the Wa territory in Shan State, border area of Eastern Myanmar and China. Solomon is doing mission works next to the Wa territory, where the Salween River serves as the border line. This is the place where Mary’s father used to evangelize and oversee many churches; Mary used to live here until she was 9 years old. While Stephen was in Myitkyina, meeting with a group of his former students: Sarmuekhi, Moses, Amos and Solomon, he received news that the Wa authorities had torn down 3 churches and arrested over 90 Christian leaders. They plan to destroy over 52 churches in the area. Lately, the Wa authorities went to a Bible training center and arrested about 200 teachers and students. They demanded all teachers and students to sign a document stating that they won’t participate in Christianity any longer. Anyone who signs the document will be released. This group of Wa is a communist group. Almost every day, Stephen received calls from Christian leaders and evangelists requesting and warning him not to make a mission trip to this persecuted area.

Wa army destroying the church

Churches being destroyed by Wa
Since Stephen couldn’t go to the east, he planned to go west towards Nagaland in India. He needed to go to the west for several reasons. The main reason was to carry out the Great Commission to the lost souls of Naga people in India. He also could go to the orphanage to build a wooden home to replace the bamboo home for the orphanage at the war zone in Danai, next to the border between India and Myanmar. But it turns out that the tension between the government and the insurgent has increased. They are in the process of peace talking. If the peace talking fails, a war could break out at any moment. During this peace talking process, no one can travel in/out of the area, except the local people. Usually, tens of thousands of people would travel in/out of this area daily. Please lift up this situation in prayers.
With these closed doors for the time being, Stephen spent most of his time in Myitkyina teaching and preaching at various churches and Bible training centers. He was very grateful for God’s protection and provision. As the psalmist sings “Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken… Thou wilt make known to me the path of life; Thy presence is fullness of joy; in Thy right hand there are pleasures forever” (Psalm 16:8-11 NASB), God always sends visible angels or messengers to help and be with him in times of need and in times when he’s a stranger in another country. All in all, he really enjoyed the fellowship with local Christians through teaching and preaching.

Stephen teaching at the evangelist gathering
 in Shan state Myanmar

Many evangelists and their families came to
the Christian gathering

Preaching at a church in Myitkyina, Myanmar

Stephen preaching at the women service
in Wain Maw, Myanmar
Giving Hope to the Hopeless

In the midst of these unceasing wars between the government and the insurgent, we have offered a shelter for the orphans. We thank many of you who give extra to help out with the needs of this new orphanage. Many of you are providing for their daily needs: food and rice, clothes and even winter clothes to go through this coming chilly winter. Some of you have even given extra money for building a new sturdy wooden house for the orphans. IDES provided a water well and electricity for this orphanage. Together we are making a difference in the lives of these orphans. They have seen the tangible love of God which we all have poured into their lives. A ten year old girl named Lemina, who lost her mother at the age of one and her father at two, has found home at the orphanage. Before coming to the orphanage, she moved from house to house, family to family, village to village because of the unceasing wars. Finally, she came to the orphanage which we had just started in the past few months. Actually, this is the first orphanage in the area! She is now in 4th grade and enjoys studying greatly. She has a dream to become a medical doctor so that she will be able to help many others who are in need
Another child, a ten year old boy named Yemikai, also in 4th grade, has found refuge in our orphanage. At a young age, he lost his father and shortly after, his mother abandoned him. With no one else, he has to rely on this orphanage for shelter, food, education, and love. Now, he is a very happy boy who has a dream to become a general in the military. We asked him why he wanted to be a general, and he told us that if he were a general in the military he would be able to bring peace into his country so that many children will not have to go through war which brings hunger, sufferings and a broken families, of which he has faced.

Transforming Life

Drugs have been one of the biggest problems in Southeast Asia. The Golden Triangle used to be one of the most famous hub for opium and heroin. Today, meth has become the number one problem among the young generation. Drug abuse invades into churches and many young Christians have been involved in this particular abuse. Because of drug problems, we are trying to set up many youth programs, sports, camps and even encouraging churches to have youth ministry (so far, it is still a foreign concept to the churches among the Lisu people in Myanmar, China and even in Thailand to fully accept youth ministries; almost all the churches lack a youth minister and youth ministry). We have partnered with our former students in setting up a rehab center in Myanmar in order to win and heal drug addicts with the Word and the power of God. Many have been transformed and totally given their lives to God and several now are serving the Living God and Lord as full time preachers and evangelists.

Attending the Futsal sports event against drug abuse
as an honored guest (Isaac loved watching
the futsal soccer game from up close)

Taking a picture with one of the teams

We are extremely blessed beyond words and comprehension that God has given us these ministries. Sometimes we can face problems and many times we have been discouraged, but God has always provided for us and guided us. When we feel down, God sends encouragement through our friends. When we lack something, God provides through friends and families like you. We are overjoyed to work for a God that loves even the outcasts and turn them from nothing into leaders to spread his love and the Gospel throughout Southeast Asia and China. Please pray for us and our missions as we continue to grow every day.    


Many times, we have asked ourselves the same question as Peter did: “Behold, we have left everything and followed You: what then will there be for us?” Jesus’ answer has always moved, encouraged, and motivated us forward to giving up everything for His Kingdom’s sake. And Jesus said to them, “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms for My name’s sake, shall receive many times as much, and shall inherit eternal life…” (Matthew 19:27-29: NASB).

As you know, we have ministered to the places that many missionaries could not go and many evangelists would not want to go. We believe this is our calling. Even though we are a small mission but we are blessed by God to have such an honor in serving so many different groups of people, denominations, and countries. Our mission field covers Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and China. If God is willing, we are planning to reach the Nagaland in India by the end of 2018. Also, we are now beginning to work with the orphans in war-torn areas, next to the borders between Northern Myanmar and India.

In the past weeks, we got a call from China asking us to offer a special course at our center, Asia International Seminary. They want to learn the Bible, English, and biblical languages (Greek and Hebrew) in order to prepare them for their higher education at a Bible school in the capital, Peking, China. We believe this group of Bible graduates, currently serving in churches in the Yunnan province of China, will become key leaders in the coming generation. This is one way to equip Christian leaders in the restricted countries. At this moment, they are waiting for approval from the Chinese government to come to Thailand. Please lift up this issue in your prayers.  

On a different note, the special course offered to the first group of Christians among the Thailand-Lisu had just completed the Torah (Pentateuch). It’s amazing to see their faces light up when they finally understand a certain biblical story! On top of teaching, Stephen has just completed his exegetical commentaries on 2nd Corinthians and the Gospel of John. They are now on his desk waiting for the right moment for the publishing process. While waiting, he is going back to his exegetical works on Matthew and Luke (His MA thesis was on Matthew and his doctoral paper was on Luke). He took a class on Matthew in 1997 and Luke in 2002. Since then he has continued to work on these two Gospels. He even taught and preached these two Gospels on several occasions and contexts. Hopefully, he will complete them soon if he can access his research tools. By the way, he had access to research on EBSCOhost from Thailand, but now his access has been terminated; finding more research tools is a necessity, at this moment.

Studying the Torah

"Shema" in Deuteronomy

Furthermore, this coming weekend, Stephen will be heading to Myanmar. Stephen will go to teach the Bible at the Bible school where Moses, our former AIS student, is currently a teacher. On this trip, Stephen will finish up IDES project purchasing food for the dislocated people affected by the war and will also be visiting the orphans so that all their needs will be met. On top of this, if the fighting and political tension are calm, on this trip, Stephen will travel into Nagaland, India to evangelize and teach the word of God there. Stephen has already met some of the Christians from Nagaland but this would be the first time, if the Lord is willing, for our missions to set foot in India. During this trip, Stephen may head to China. As you may have heard already, recently there has been wide spread news about church buildings being demolished and ministers being imprisoned in China. Please pray for this trip!

Stephen is preaching at a Lisu church
in down town Chiang Mai

Mary and Stephen are on their way
to a village church on the mountains

Fellowship with villagers

Mary with her relatives and friends at village

Stephen with his siblings at another village

Mary is doing well. She is in good health now. Praise the Lord! Becky is also doing well. She has been preparing to go teach English in Myanmar; we are waiting for the teaching center in Northern Myanmar to be completed. Isaac is preparing for his school systems’ standardized tests. If he does well on these tests, he can get into very good secondary schools. Nick and his team are preparing to go to Myanmar for teaching God’s Word and spend time with the youth who are affected by the ongoing war. He also plans to go and teach other things such as hygiene and health. John is continuing his junior year at Boise Bible College with 21 credits and has recently joined the student leadership team. His role as a leader is to help support other leaders through prayers. Continue to pray for him as he is taking up a lot of new responsibilities.

Our warm welcome is extended to Amanda Emslie, who is a former student at Ozark Bible College. She will be staying with us for some time as she experiences Thailand and its cultures.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayerful and financial support throughout the years.

Prayer meeting for our Family and Missions!


In the movie Exodus, which is a Hollywood’s portrayal of a bible story, though a lot of the movie wasn’t biblical the ending was wonderful. There was a scene of Moses giving a speech to the Israelites as they faced the Red Sea while the Egyptian Army closed in behind them. As the water receded, the people were still afraid to cross the Red Sea, and Moses said: “do not be afraid, God is with us!” This scene was awesome because this is absolutely true! God is with us! We have faced spiritual attacks these past several months as Satan tried to bombard our family with illnesses, discouragement, and even challenges. We must continue onward with the missions because God is with us and we should not fear whatever comes on our way.

It has been three consecutive weeks that we have gone through the Bible starting from Genesis hopefully to Revelation every Thursday-Saturday from 9am-3pm with our inner relatives in ChiangMai. In fact, these relatives were among the first group of Thailand-Lisu who accepted Jesus Christ. They are the first generation of Christians who converted from evil spirit worship into Christianity. However, due to their jobs; some of them in the Thai government, they hardly had a chance to learn God’s Word. Of course, they heard the Word of God at church services, some of them even had served as elders in churches among some denominations, but they always felt that they have never been rooted in His Word. After their retirement from their jobs, they have an urge to learn the Bible with Stephen. So, Stephen has offered a class on the introduction to the Bible. We are now on the book of Numbers. In all the books so far, we have seen that even when man fails, God is always faithful. Please pray for us as we journey through the entire Bible.

Going through the Bible with Stephen
Beside of preaching in different churches, Stephen just completed teaching the book of Hebrews via a messaging application with his audiences. Many people throughout Northern Myanmar and Western China are enrolling in this program. He set those followers into 5 different groups. Each group has a key person who directly studies with Stephen through a phone application, each day. After these key leaders had completed a class with Stephen, they, in turn, taught or preached to their followers. Each of these key leaders has around 300-550 followers. By doing this, each follower can study the Word of God at their own time, location, and pace. We are praying, if God is willing, to improve this messaging application from audio into mp4 (video) so that the people will be able to visualize the teaching materials in an even more personal setting.

Stephen is preaching at church in downtown Chiangmai

Sadly, in Myanmar, things are getting worse for the ordinary people. There are still battles here and there, sometimes in the form of terrorists, wearing citizen clothes, not military uniform and shooting at the crowds. Such a type of fighting impacts the ordinary people who need to go out in their daily routine and come back in the evening with the hope of reaching home with food for their families. Now, many ordinary people are afraid to go out to find food to feed their families. Unfortunately, some people had never made it back to their homes and families. In the midst of such circumstances, our ministry for the orphanage in Danai, west of Myitkyina has received a tremendous blessing from many of you. We are planning to build a wooden home which will be able to house around 20-30 children by the end of this rainy season. At the moment, the temporary building we have is made from bamboo. The rainwater would sometimes get through the bamboo walls. Many times while the children are trying to sleep in the middle of the night, these poor children become soaked. Therefore, the new building would have to be made of good quality wood so that the orphanage would be the same theme as the houses in the area; we want the children’s home to be built in the context of Northern Myanmar homes so that it wouldn’t be flashy and cause the neighborhood to stumble. Our gratitude goes out especially to those who promise to support this need financially. You are the answer to our prayers. May our Living God bless you! Right now, we are trying to raise funds so that we could support another 10 children who are lacking monthly support which goes to education, food, toiletries, clothes, etc. Monthly, we are needing $50 per child to provide for their needs. We hope that the children would be able to see the love of God through us and hope that we can lead them to follow Christ all their life.


Mary is a very important person in our family; as the mom of the house, she holds the family together and oversees the many projects at home. Unfortunately, this past month, it was very hard to see her face some health issues. Mary was in the hospital for several days for a kidney infection and then she had to recover for some time at home. After a couple weeks, she was finally back to good health. Praise the Lord!

Isaac was elected from his school to compete at a regional English skills event. Being that the school told us with such short notice, Isaac was only able to prepare for about a week while many that compete have been preparing since last year. The result came out that Isaac got second place! We are very proud of Isaac for his outstanding achievement. Becky has been teaching Isaac in Math and English every evening, so she did a great job preparing Isaac. Beside of being equipped with his dad, Nick has been meeting with several of his contacts in order to try to help bring jobs and skills to the Lisu in Myanmar. So, he has been trying to grow crops like stevia and other plants to study how to grow and care for the plants so that maybe the Lisu in Myanmar could benefit from growing such plants to make some income for themselves.

John has just completed his internship at McMinnville, Oregon and flew back to Boise to continue his junior year at Boise Bible College. He says that the experience and all the relationships were priceless! He was able to serve in the children, youth, small group, and many other areas of ministry at Adventure Christian Church. Currently, he is working on transitioning back into school and maybe taking some leadership responsibilities at school! Please continue to pray and encourage him as he is loaded with 20 credits of school plus the workload and responsibilities that come into play throughout the year!

Please lift up Stephen’s relatives in your prayers. Even though, most of his sibling and relatives were the first group of Christians among the Lisu people in Thailand accepting Jesus Christ, some of them have faded away from their faith. One of Stephen’s sisters had been distant from God for a very long time. One day, recently, she was blinded and could only see clouds and bright lights even when she covered her eyes with her hands. She was extremely terrified so she came to Stephen because she needed God in her life. This is a very promising event and we thank God for bringing her back. We pray that many of our relatives would draw near to God through Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

We are so blessed to have so many of you as a part of this mission’s family. Many times, we have faced dangerous situations that arise like a storm out of nowhere. Many times, we have faced people that try to paint us negative through gossip because of jealousy. Many times, we have faced illnesses and trials because Satan wants to bring our mission down. We thank God that we have so many of you that are constantly thinking about us and praying for us. Even in the midst of challenges, we have a loving and all-powerful God that is always with us, therefore we are not afraid!

Feed the Need!

The rainy season has come early this year! Some people have lost their harvest because of too much rain, but some farmers and their crops are benefiting greatly. Many areas are flooded and completely ruined while other places are flourishing. Some people dislike the rain because it causes traffic, while some like it because it cools down the temperature.  Due to the unexpected and early rain, 12 young football players and a coach were trapped in a cave in the neighboring province of Chiang Mai, that is, Chiang Rai, Thailand. You may have heard this story on the news. Currently, a united group of international rescue workers have found the trapped kids and coach to be alive and are rescuing them. Like the trapped children in the caves, there are millions of people in this world, particularly in Southeast Asia and China that are currently still trapped in the cave of sin. Only Jesus can rescue them from the cave of death.


Stephen’s quick mission trip to Kachin State, Myanmar was full of God’s blessings. With our Light of Hope program, he visited a new orphanage near the border between Myanmar and India. This new orphanage is located at the heart of the battlefield in Kachin state. Most of these kids have lost their parents or separated from their parents because of the continuing war. For example, a 12 years old girl lost her mother during the war and lost contact with her father. Living without hope, after overhearing about the orphanage she traveled for 2 days and nights through the deep jungle in order to seek refuge. Thank you to many of you for stepping up and praying and helping with this ministry.

We received some funds specifically for this ministry and we were able to build a temporary shelter for the children, and also provide their basic needs such as food, clothes, sandals, mosquito nets, blankets, pillow, soaps, etc. Also, since the school year has started, we bought them their school uniforms, books, pens, pencils, etc. Soon the winter will arrive so the children will also need winter clothes and warm blankets for the coming chilly winter.

At this moment, we have built a temporary dormitory. The orphanage was built with bamboo. It is common for bamboo houses to last about twelve months at most. Unfortunately, this bamboo was cut and built during the rainy season. Because the bamboo is damp, it won’t last as long. This bamboo building is able to hold only 16 orphans plus a cook and a caretaker. Another 15 could not live at this orphanage so we asked a nearby nursery school to help house 15 kids, ages 6 and under. We are praying to raise money to have an actual permanent orphanage.

Building a bamboo house for the orphans

Putting up the roof

The kids waiting for the building to be completed

Time for food!

Boys' bedroom

Girls' bedroom

Stephen and his team visiting the orphans

Orphans under 6, at the nursery school

School supplies for the orphans

During the trip, Stephen also visited villages on the recent battlefield. Most villages were like ghost towns: hardly saw people around and many houses have been deserted. Once, those villages were crowned with tens of thousands of people, but now they are nearly empty. Because of the early rain and a new policy by the government restricting the setup of refugee camps, many displaced people were spread all over with groups as much as 200 people, here and there. Our team had to follow these dislocated groups of people in order to deliver their daily needs, for instance, rice and also give them hope through the Word of God. Several of the local leaders came to Stephen to discuss how to help those dislocated people move back to where they used to live. The major problem for these dislocated people is the lack of the basic human needs. However, after Stephen left for a different area, Danai faced severe flood and Hpakant faced landslides that killed a dozen people in the area. Stephen was able to leave on time before those natural disasters happened and before the roads were closed. Thank God for protecting Stephen as he traveled around Myanmar. One of the greatest blessings during the trip is that he had an opportunity to share God’s Word to different groups of people, churches and Bible training centers. Wherever he went God had always opened the door for him to deliver God’s Word.

Distributing rice for people affected by war

The villagers taking their rice home as it rained

The women carrying her bag of rice home

The flood in Danai


We have guests from all over Asia, both overseas and Thailand. Almost every day we held a meeting with those guests.  One instance, a senator from Myanmar came and visited our family. He was on his way home from a conference in UN in New York and in Bangkok. Thank you God for connections like these so that we are able to spread the Gospel freely where ever we go.

With Christian Leaders from China

With a Senator from Myanmar

As for Isaac, he was requested from his school to participate in the American exchange student event. He was chosen to be a translator from Thai/English and English/Thai. He was also assigned to be a guide for the American students on the culture of Thailand and his school in particular.  During those days, he was interviewed and went through several tests. The result of his tests reported that his English was at a college level. We are very proud of him.

Isaac discussing with American students

Becky and Nick have been working on curriculums to teach the youth in Myanmar when they go there to teach English. They will incorporate biblical stories into their lessons. Nick also went to visit a military boarding school to spend time with primary school aged kids in Chiang Dao with his Thai Christian friends. Many of these kids come from families with poverty, jail problems, and drug problems. He is moved to tears as the kids were joyful to get the simplest things such as a new soft pillow. Mary and Nick also visited a church/orphanage at the border of Thailand and Myanmar and were able to encourage and spend time with the caretakers, kids, and the Christian leader there.

Now, Mary is about to grow her new rice crop. Her land is ready. She’s just waiting for a bit more rain in the area. As for Stephen, he is teaching the Synoptic Gospel via Wechat messaging application. This week his teaching focuses on Matthew 24 and Luke 17. On top of that, there is a group of Naga students from India wanting to come and study God’s Word at Asia International Seminary. However, Stephen is considering to offer them classes at Myitkyina, Myanmar rather than in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Stephen is trying to shift the AIS’ classroom program into a distance learning program that is closer to their home. However, the Seminary is facing a shortage of a qualified professor. Due to the lack of professors, the Seminary is not able to run as it should, please keep the Seminary in your prayers. We deeply appreciate your prayers for AIS!

John is nearing the end of his internship at McMinnville, Oregon. He has enjoyed his experiences working with kids at summer camps and with the youth group. He says that it has been a true blessing to be a part of such a great ministry and loves the people there! Please continue to pray for him and his work that he is doing. If you would like to learn more about what John is doing, you can read his ministry adventures at