Happy New Year to all of our Asians for Christ friends and family! It has been another great year of doing ministry and life with you all. We would love to give you a recap of all the wonderful things that God has worked through us this past year for His own Kingdom’s sake.

At the start of 2017, a group of Myanmar leaders from many different churches and denominations came to our establishment in order to study the Bible exegetically with Stephen. Through this, these leaders went back to Myanmar and parts of southern China and taught what they had learned to the people who hunger for the Word. Now there has been a revival in these areas and people are really on fire to learn more about the Bible.

This past year, John was also able to come to Thailand during his summer break. It was a blessing to the family because we were able to spend time with him and also see him grow. We are so proud to see him preach and decide to pursue ministry.

2017 was also full of ministry in the physical sense. Through the help of many churches locally and internationally, we were able to provide some temporary relief for the displaced people in Northern Myanmar. This is a very important ministry because we feel that we can show them the love of God even during this tragedy. We helped purchase food and tarp as a roof for the temporary shelters just in time for the rain. Praise God! Please continue to pray for this ministry because there are many more opportunities that we show people Christ.

Stephen also finished several commentaries and was able to take several trips to Myanmar and China to teach the Word. Many people are still requesting for Stephen to go back and teach them more. God is moving in this ministry of AFC as well. Praise Him!

December 2016

The last month of 2017 was also a busy one. Along with leaders, both Lisu and Thai officials, Stephen and Mary went to China in order that Stephen giving a speech at the Lisu Literature Forum around the time of Christmas. Through such a trip, many Chinese Lisu are now setting up to make a Lisu center where Lisu biblical language has become a common language for the Lisu people in China. This is the vision that AFC has had for many years and now it’s coming together. On this trip, the Thai elites that joined Stephen on the trip were able to see what it means to be a Christian and they respected that a lot.

Stephen and his group with the Chinese governor,
 local authorities, scholars at the Lisu Literature Forum

Our group from Thailand attending the forum in China

Lisu Chinese New Year celebration in Wei Xei, China

Thailand and Myanmar group in their Lisu outfits

Another picture of the group from Thailand and Myanmar

Stephen representing all of the Christian Lisu
in Southeast Asia and China, speaking about Lisu literature

The highlight of this trip was the group of 12 Christian leaders from Thailand and Myanmar together singing Christian hymn entitled “Praise the Worthy Name of Jesus” in front of the governor, the local authorities and the crowd. While we were singing some Christians in the midst of the crowd started to sing along with us. It was at that moment that we all felt God moving in the crowd. It was beyond expressions how God is working in this spiritually dark area. For many people, this was an unprecedented event of Christianity in those restricted areas. Praise the Lord! May His will be done!

Singing Hymns in public, China
Nick, Becky and Isaac were at home during Christmas and decided to have a Christmas party for the Shan kids in our neighborhood. Many were able to come and have a great time and be able to celebrate and learn about Christ.

Games during the Christmas Party

Our neighborhood having a great time 
The kids are trying to pop each other's balloons; a game of elimination

The Shan kids in our neighborhood with their presents

Becky leading a game

In December, Isaac had a Christmas play at his school. The school is technically a Christian school so they had performances about the Jesus. Isaac did an awesome job! At this moment, just short of New Year’s Day, Stephen, Mary, Isaac, Mary’s mom and Mary’s nephew living with us all became sick with some type of flu. Please pray for the family as we have been bombarded with sicknesses these past couple of months. Besides this sickness, the family can’t complain because it has been a great year in the Lord and we hope 2018 will be an even more fruitful year.

Stephen, Mary and Isaac are also planning to visit churches in the States during March-May. They have been away from America for nearly 8 years. Please pray that everything goes smoothly with the visa and the acquiring of the tickets. They plan on visiting John at Boise Bible College as well. With excitement mixed with a little bit of fear of the long flight, they would love to meet up with AFC friends and family in the States. If you would like them to visit you, please send them a message or email so that they will be able to schedule a visit.

Isaac's school play; Can you find where he is? (Hint: he's wearing green)
Goals of 2018

We have many goals for 2018 and are very excited to get started! One of our main goals is to set up an orphanage in Northern Myanmar. As you know, many people were affected by the war in Northern Myanmar. Lisu in particular, over 200 children lost their parents and became orphans during the past year. We are very moved beyond sadness for these kids and are praying that God gives us a means to start this ministry. Many outside organizations like Compassion are not able to go into such area, and so we cannot wait any longer for outside organizations to help the needy children. We will team up with local churches to do the best we can to show the Love of God to these Children.

As 2018 starts, we hope to raise extra money in order to set up a building where we can start and take in 10 children that need extreme care (such as kids under 10 years of age). We immediately need $5,000 to start a shelter for 10 orphans.  We cannot imagine how much these kids had to go through because they not only lost their homes but also their parents. Who will love them? Who will they be with during Christmas or Thanksgiving? Please pray for us as we are spearheading this ministry.
AFC is also in the process of making a website thanks to Nick’s former OCC classmate, Austin Coon who has been helping with designing a website for us so that we can better show you all how our God is working in Southeast Asia and China. Please check out our website at www.asiansforchrist.com

We thank you so much for you partnership in prayers and financial support. Together, we have had a great year in the Lord. We pray that 2018 will be full of Kingdom works that will change this world for the better! We love and miss you all! Happy New Year!