New Life in Christ

We always have reasons to give “thanks” and glorify to our Living God and Lord. He frequently answers our prayers and provides various needs in a way beyond our imagination. This is the way how God has answered for our long-term prayers.

Recently, we hosted Christian friends who have much experience in agricultural background from USA. We had discussed how to help our new converts to try different crops to see which will be most beneficial for the villages where they are working and looking at development of effective crop rotation plans, and raising cattle along with various crops, including irrigation projects. We also are searching for solar system installation and water purification system at remote villages here in Thailand and Burma in particular, for many Lisu, Lahu and Wa villages in Burma are in very remote and restricted area. Living in an extremely poor condition, many areas are still growing opium as their main cash crop. We are truly concerned for new converts among these different ethnic groups of people who used to grow such a crop for several generations. Because of thief faith in Christ, we are challenging them to sacrifice themselves by turning away from such destructive business. Many of our new converts need to be introduced not only to new crops but also for basic human needs since many of them live without fulfilled basic needs, for instance, a water filtration system, irrigation system for the crops and small solar system for electricity

As you may realize that our mission works, particularly in Thailand and Burma; among Lisu, Lahu and Wa people, are focusing on people who have not only animistic background, but also growing opium as their main cash crop. Many of them are involved in drug business. This is the huge social, political, economical  and of course religious problem. Imagine! one of these and many of them have accepted Christ. What should they do? How can we lead these people to be mature and healthy Christians? How can we build healthy church among them?

Stephen grew up within such background prior to his conversion. After accepting Jesus Christ, his family and he had to seriously sacrifice themselves by turning away not only from worshiping evil-spirit to the true God, but also growing opium to rice paddy. Unless God is helping, it is almost impossible!

We are now trying to introduce these new converts to plant both short and long term economic plants, for instance, corn and ginger for short term economic plants and coffee or other fruit trees for long term economic plants. A new problem has arisen when they need more land or need to cut trees for their new plants. In changing their life and occupations so that they will be the light of the world, they need a lot of your prayers. We are setting one of the villages in Thailand, Maetae, as a model. Hopefully, with this kind of ministry will benefit not only our new converts and also to the rest of mankind who are struggling with drug problems. We also believe that the best way for stop growing opium becomes their sacrifice on behalf of their faith in Christ.

Coffee plants
Papaya tree
To be the light of the world, avoiding all drug business and becoming a healthy church, we are also trying to help connect between Christian women with companies here in Thailand. Women can earn money for their family during their extra time, while watching TV or at their free time to produce handicrafts.
Lisu handicrafts

Making flowers
As Jesus says in Matthew 4:4 that “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Our wholistic ministry, therefore, will not be complete without the emphasis on God’s Word. To differentiate our mission works from social humanitarian works, Stephen is offering classes to Christian leaders from different countries in Southeast Asia and China with various settings, systemically teaching at AIS or occasionally at local churches. In the past month, he spent two weeks, 6 hours each day finishing an exegesis class on the book of Ephesians. He is now at the middle of wrapping up his class on the book of Revelation before setting himself up for the evangelistic trip to Burma at the beginning of March. He will be out of country for approximately a month during March. He is corresponding with his comrades and planning to meet each other at the border of Thailand-Burma. Several senior and young Christian, just-trained evangelists will join him for this evangelistic trip. Much appreciate for your continued prayers. Again, thanks for those who are willing to be a channel for God’s blessing in providing the need of this evangelistic trip.

Please lift up the Wong family while Stephen will be gone for the mission works. Becky and Isaac are at the final weeks at their school. They will soon have their summer break on March-May. Isaac will go to an English camp during the break which is provided by his new school. He is excited to be a first grader. Becky will be a junior at her university. She is vacillated whether to spend her summer in China, which she has been offered by her university, or Thailand. Poor John is still at his fourth quarter at Grace International School. Please pray for John for his health, he is very sensitive with dust, pollen, and smoke, which are bad at this moment here in Thailand. Many hospitals and clinics are packed with patients because of air pollution. Pray specially for Nick who is feeling strongly a sense of God’s calling to ministry in Southeast Asia and China. He has a strong desire to move back to Thailand and do a full time mission works.