We would like to begin this monthly newsletter with an urgent request of prayers for churches and individual Christians that live at the border between China and Myanmar. In that area, there is a different group of Christians who declared the Triune God as unbiblical. So these people demanded that all Christians burn every book including Bible and hymns if the word Trinity or Triune God appears in the book. Many did burn hymns and Bibles as the result of this false teaching. On top of this, they even demanded that all Christians burn down church buildings; they condemned the church buildings as satanic gathering places. They believe that church buildings are unbiblical. The situation is very complicated, and it has caused a whole lot of tension. Please pray that God will let people see the truth and also strengthen those standing firm based upon the true Gospel.

As we have informed you in our previous newsletters that Stephen has been teaching and preaching through electronic devices so that people who live far away would be reached and could hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Consistently, Stephen has been asked with various biblical and theological questions. A week ago, Stephen was asked about the Theology of God, Triune God in particular. The question is that how could the One God also be a Triune God? What does the Bible truly says about the Triune God? Isn’t God the One and Only God? Then why is God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? Aren’t we, Christians, the temple and the church? So, why do we need a church building?

Stephen has been teaching many Christians in the remote areas of China and also border areas of China and Myanmar through an audio messenger application on the phone. Many of these areas have had some of Stephen’s former students teach them the book of Revelation, and they are now studying further with Stephen through this audio application. The number of Students is about 231 students. Thank God that we can use a simple application and technology to reach people in remote areas.

July events

During July, the family had a family prayer service at the house to give God praise, honor and thanks for blessing us with all sources of blessings: ministry, the summer-harvest of rice, family and a precious time to spend with John for a couple months. Many Lisu churches in Chiang Dao and Chiang Mai attended. The prayer service and fellowship meal were a blessing to all because we all had a blast in worshipping God and also encouraging one another. During this prayer service, several Korean missionaries also attended and worshipped with us.

Family Prayer Day

Korean missionaries singing praise

Thankful for Mary and the Lisu women who made this delicious meal

Nick has been busy meeting with some Christian friends in Chiang Mai to raise money for relief and development to help the Lisu in Myanmar. He has been running around, getting wisdom and trying to find people to help educate and develop the Lisu in Myanmar. Especially, the fighting is still going on in northern Myanmar, and the Lisu people are caught in the middle of the fighting, even though the Lisu are unarm and peaceful. Many people groups are displaced, yet the Lisu, the peaceful group for some reasons, has no official help from in or outside of Myanmar. So, Asian Mission Fellowship Organization is trying to find help with relief and development to go and help the Lisu people. We are focused on sharing the love of Christ with people and we are specifically not interested in the politics of the country. Please continue to pray for the people that are struggling in Myanmar. Stephen has been asked to attend several of the meetings with Christian members in Thailand and to share the situation of the Lisu. Many people are becoming more aware of the situation. Many are praying for the Lisu. Actually, many churches and individuals in Chiangmai, Thailand, had given their means. Even though it was a small amount of money, but the gift (we believe) demonstrates not only Christ’s love, but also shows Christ’s body, the church, is bound universally into one. We did send the first relief fund to them a few weeks ago. We are still constantly receiving the gifts from $ 3 -100. Praise the Lord! Hopefully we will be able to send the second set these coming months.


Our family enjoyed a great time of fellowship this summer. We have visited the many exotic places in Chiangmai. Though we have lived in Chiangmai for almost 7 years, we have never visited a Night Safari world. It was a great family night out getting to see the animal night life. We also went to an Elephant show. It is still amazing to seeing elephant kicking balls, drawing beautiful pictures and many other things. John even had a chance to spend time with Tigers up close at a Tiger Kingdom.

Family night out at the Night Safari

Elephant show at the camp was extraordinary

The final product of the elephant drawings

John with his new best friend

John has enjoyed his time in Thailand. He’s been able to experience the Lisu culture as well as learn some tips and pointers from his father on how to effectively preach. He is starting to pack up and prepare for his trip back to America on the 29th of July. He is very excited to start another year at Boise Bible College. Please pray for him as he is learning from great professors to become a humble preacher. 
Stephen translating John's sermon

Preaching to the Lisu church in the town of Chiangmai

The Lisu church located in the town of Chiangmai
Please pray for Isaac as he is going through midterm exams. He has been doing very well at school, and has been given many awards for his excellence in English, Chinese, Science, Music, and Math, among others. Isaac told us that he needs to catch up with his friends on Japanese since he has started Japanese this year, while his friends has studied it since first grade. Becky is doing well. She sang several special worship songs up front during the family prayer-day-service. She also did a wonderful job in tutoring Isaac. Becky and Isaac both enjoy reading, playing, singing, and watching movies together. Mary is sad that John is going back to the States. Please pray for her. Please pray for Nick as he has to find a part time job and also meet people to fundraise at the moment for the displaced Lisu people in Myanmar. Stephen is doing well, he is very close to completing his 1st Corinthians commentary in the Lisu language. He needs to go over his commentary and polish a few things up. After that, he will be ready for the next stage of publishing. On top of this, please pray for Stephen because it turns out his health insurance expired six months ago without his acknowledgement. Suddenly, one day the agent came and told him that they forgot to keep his insurance and asking for their excuse. So now Stephen is in limbo because it would cost a lot of money to set up a new health insurance policy at his age.

Stephen and Nick are planning to head to Myanmar again in the next few months in order to teach the Bible and also encourage the Lisu people that are displaced from their homes. Stephen will cross the border into China as he did before to teach the Word of God there. The Lisu in Myanmar and China are very excited about this news and are currently preparing a location and time so that many will be able to attend and learn Bible and praise God together. Please be praying for this upcoming trips!