July 2012

At last, we have time to sit down and update this blog so that you can pray and give praise to God with us on how our living God and Lord work through our lives and ministry so that the world around will know Him.

Normally, our family has set June to be our family holiday since Becky and John would be out of their school and Isaac is at the beginning stage of his school. However, this past June things had turned out differently. Our family holiday, which was set to go beach where our children long to go since they have never been in Thailand yet, had to be cancelled. Instead, most of our time was spent at hospital. Begin with Isaac and then John and finally Mary, almost three weeks period was spent at the hospital. Praise the Lord! We all have been very great since then.

Stephen had to make a quick mission trip to China at the first two weeks of July to deliver the help from IDES to the area where it was hit by five-year severe drought. Perhaps, this was the first turning point for the Lisu people at the area having experienced God’s Love in a touchable way. Many local authorities in the area had helped Stephen to carry out his task by providing transportation and personals. It was a touching moment to see Lisu people at the area who walk 5 hours, others are 3 hours, to come and receive the basic needs, for instance, rice and cooking oil. Some carried those back to their homes with horses and others on their shoulders. Through the help of ACMI, we were able to give out 670 Bibles to these people as well. It has been an outpouring of Christ’s love to comfort those people who are in need. This deed has been Jesus’ arms of love to guide the Lisu people in that area in need. I believe God has truly been glorified through this circumstance that has enabled us to exemplify Christ in people’s lives. At one point, local news reporter interviewed why Stephen did such a thing. Stephen told the TV reporter that all those gifts came from IDES and the main reasons that people given because of Love from Above. Through this ministry, Stephen has seen a grand door opening for winning the lost souls among Lisu people in China.

Leadership training through biblical studies:
Asia International Seminary is our main avenue for Christian leadership training through biblical studies. We believe that knowing God’s Word and applying it properly is the key for church growth in Southeast Asia and China. Without knowing God’s Word, the root of faith is shakable, and perhaps is in danger. Every year during the raining season AIS offer courses for Christian leaders who are presently active in ministry to come together and study His Word. The Thai Christian leaders are meeting on every Monday, but students from other countries, different areas in Burma and China, are meeting at a block of time, then they go back to their home country, back to their families, back to the churches or their mission field. This year we have 2 groups of students from Burma. The first group has arrived and is doing their intensive studying at the moment. The second will arrive soon. Please keep them in your prayers.

We would like to introduce you to one of the students studying, Samee Khi. He is from the town Myitkina in the north part of Myanmar. He graduated from the Eastern Bible Institute in Yangon, Myanmar. He is teaching at Life Bible College at Myitkina. He is evangelizing in China during the break from school. He is just married to Ahna. He wants to know more of God’s Word. After learning from here, he has a deep confidence in God’s Word, which helps him to have strength to work more confidently. He feels that the Word that he presents to people comes from God. This is why he just left soon after getting married, to study and then return home to teach. Please pray for his family during this time.

Children Ministry:
We have offered English class on Saturday to children in our neighborhood. This program was led by Alicia and is very successful in reaching those children. The number of these children is growing up to 21. So, they divide them into two classes. Mary and Becky are working on preschool kids and Alicia with grade school kids. They are very enthusiastic and enjoy learning very much. Normally, the class will start at 9 Am, often they arrive at 7 Am. Gradually, Alicia puts bible stories into the lessons. Hopefully, these children will grow up God’s Word and one day they will find their salvation through the Name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests:

There is need of medical care in China, on the border between former Tibet and China. The majority of Lisu people living in this area are not Christian. Since our medical mission trips in Thailand & Burma have been effective avenues for evangelism, we would like to have a medical mission in this area in China as well in 2013. To make this happen, we need to have a lot of people involved, especially medical personnel, and someone to coordinate a team from America, while I coordinate on this side. Our most important issue is safety, but at this moment, it seems that everything is open. Please pray about this ministry opportunity.

Many non-Christian leaders in China desire to read the Lisu language. They request Stephen to offer them a course to learn to read. Stephen sees that this is a great avenue for reaching them for Christ since the Bible is the only avenue to practice the written Lisu language. Stephen believes that as the Living Word, God will work through it and their practice in reading to reach these people. We are looking for the best time to offer this class in China.