China Mission Trip 2012

It was a great mission trip. This was my first mission trip to most of the areas I visited. It was a trip to open a mission door to the area. My journey included flight, car, train, boat and walking. I have been so blessed by this mission trip. The 21 day trip was focused on unreached Lisu people, people who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. At some places there were about 30,000 of Lisu people, but no believer at all. Another place, there were 80.000, but only 1,600 Christians. There are very little Christians; all the people worship spirits. My soul was challenged and my heart was burdened to reach these souls for Christ. My heart breaks for these Lisu people as we see many counties without the true gospel, villages without church. I can’t control the tears in my heart. My heart breaks for them. All those places need man of truth who will spread the Word. I can’t wait to make a difference in these Lisu people. I am hoping many mission works to be done here in the near future.

During this mission trip, as a group we went to one of the very remote area. We walked about 10 hours to this place (my body was sore for 3 days after the trip). There has been severe drought and famine going around at this area; no rain and no crops for over 4 years and this year will be their fifth. People looked so hungry and poor. The children looked very unhealthy, with old and smelling ragged clothes. However, they showed their very warm welcome to our group. In fact, they fed us weeds for supper that night. As we reached the village, we noticed that many dogs were barking. Those dogs are so lean, I was afraid that the wind could blow them away, but they seem to do their honoring duty. Our hearts were melted down and tears were streaming down when we went inside their homes. Truly, I have never seen such a drought and famine like this throughout my entire life. So, I gave great thanks to God.

Before reaching to the drought area, God had prepared me with abundant life and food. A group of Lisu local leaders and business men, about 200 people, at Hua Ping invited me to give them a speech on Christianity and the Lisu culture. God had really honored me through this group of people. They put our group into the best hotel in the town and gave me probably one of the best rooms of the hotel (while the following days I slept on the ground with a mat). This reminds me what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 6:4, 8, 10, “As servants of God we commend ourselves in every way…through glory and dishonor...sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; having nothing, and yet possessing everything…”

Taken during the 10 hour walk to the village

Gathering where I was asked to speak

Group picture with Lisu at Hua Ping

These ladies were excited to see a Lisu person from another country.
They were thinking that I'm not true Lisu. 

Preparing to give a speech to the business and local leaders

Giving speech to business men and local leaders

Group picture with business men and local leaders - all Lisu people

God honored me through an invitation to dinner after giving the speech

Group of Lisu people the following night in the village Yong Seng

Beautiful Lisu dress - different from other places

Taken during the 10 hour walk

Typical Lisu house at Yong Seng

Actually, though Lisu people are animists, they know that God is the Creator. Indeed this Creator God, for Lisu people, is the supreme. They just don't know the proper way to worship Him. I told them that Jesus is the proper way to worship the Creator God. Their critical question is not about "is this true?" Rather they ask "how?" Therefore, the emphasis of Lisu people like many Asians is on practical theology. Their concerns are more on how to relate this new faith and new way of life to their daily lives, culture, social and ethnic identity. Is Jesus able to relate to their daily problems? All these remind me of the postmodern class at Seminary. As someone says "Theology is created at the mission field," I was so excited and alive to discuss such living theology at the mission field. My faith also is growing at the mission field.

God has really been working in my life, and he has really been revealing His will to me more and more. I am writing you this letter to share with you a challenging ministry opportunity that is lying ahead of us. The evangelistic door has been opened. I saw a lot of things on my way. The harvest is truly plenty, but the laborers are few. First, most of those Lisu want to learn how to read in Lisu. If only we can send some native evangelists to teach them how to read Lisu language, which leads to reading the Bible, because the Bible is the only avenue for practicing reading in Lisu language. Second, the native evangelists continue the works that our group had laid and who are able to deal God’s Word with the daily lives of Lisu people. Sooner or later, I believe many thousand souls will turn to Jesus and accept Him as their own Lord and God.

It is my hope and plan to send about 5 to 10 native evangelists to this area, but we need support for them both in prayer and financially. Thank you all for your continued support in prayer and financially for our ministry. My gratitude goes also to my family who sacrificed the family life during this mission trip. Thanks also to everyone who helped my family while I was gone to make our house still warm while I was gone.

In Christ's Love,